1205, 2020

Samaria National Park: Mules were abandoned in the closed gorge?

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A climber informed us that inside the gorge, two mules remain trapped, exposed to the weather during the whole winter, without the possibility of finding food. One animal is skeletal and in bad condition, as [...]

1012, 2018

Management of stray animals/municipality of Apokoronas

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On Thursday morning, an English resident of your area, identified a sick and very thin animal in the area of almyrida, which was transferred to Mr. Mousourakis’s veterinary clinic in Kalyves. The animal was received [...]

1410, 2018

We continue with other kind of action…

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Since 2007, when our association “animal protection” was established, we have managed to change the aspect of animal welfare in Chania and in Greece, with the creation of the Panhellenic Committee and the Panhellenic Animal [...]

1410, 2018

who we are…

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The animal welfare association in Chania “Animal Protection” was established in 2007 by volunteers, in order to highlight the fact that animals are living and sentient beings and as such, they have rights. We started [...]

2209, 2017

Truth and lies about the dog in Platanias….A simple case which evolved into a…performance

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Last week we received a phonecall from a foreign tourist that there is a big-sized,injured dog in Platanias,who happens to be a privately-owned dog,that being of the owner of a petrol station.We urged her to [...]

511, 2014

The Panhellenic Animal Welfare and Environment Federation addressed to the European Commission for the abuse of animals in Greece.

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To:EUROPEAN COMMISSIONHEALTH AND CONSUMERS DIRECTORATE-GENERALDirectorate G – Veterinary and International Affairs Animal Welfare Attention: Mr. Andrea GavinelliHead of Unit Subject: Update Mr. Andrea Gavinelli, Head of the Animal Welfare Unit of the European Commission on the developments regarding the animal abuse in Greece, on the imperative need to reform the Greek Constitution on animal rights and on the urgent need for measures to manage the stray overpopulation on a integrated EU level […]

2709, 2014


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On the morning of 29-09-14, at 12:00, at the courthouse Dikastiria in Chania, the trial of an illegal dog breeder will take place. Our Association was trying for seven years to collect data and evidence for his illegal actions, which led to the maltreatment and the death of many animals. The first complaint was sent to the Vet Directorate of Chania in February 2008.Since then many other unsuccessful attempts have been made, because he was always managing to escape.In the meantime the complaints were multiplied, but nobody wanted to testify. Everybody knew of his actions but they “did not want to get involved”. […]

2209, 2014

The dog beach party in Chania, first time in Greece

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The first dog beach party took place successfully yesterday at 12:00 in Chania. The turnout of people was exceptionally big and contributed to the success of the celebration. The party was an animal celebration, with which we wanted to emphasize symbolically that the animals do not pollute the beaches, since the Ministry of Navigation delays unduly to answer to the documented request of the Panhellenic Animal Welfare and Environment Federation for the withdrawal of the ban-prohibition of the animals’ entrance to the sea – when all the law preconditions are obeyed. […]

2907, 2014

You are old? You must die!!!

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Zina, a mixed breed shepherd of 10 years found randomly in January 2014 by volunteers at Frieze area of Heraklion, in a miserable condition, tied to a heavy chain, in a log cabin in a field across from the luxurious house owner. You see, the economic prosperity enjoyed by the family, concerned only with bipedal creatures that lived in the area. One dog, especially “aging”, spoils the aesthetics of the area and had to disappear, not to be seen.She was malnourished, her body had wounds and hardly any hair from her illness, and smelled of rotten meat and was covered with flies. She did not even to sit as stone ground hurt her little body .. […]