A climber informed us that inside the gorge, two mules remain trapped, exposed to the weather during the whole winter, without the possibility of finding food.
One animal is skeletal and in bad condition, as we realized from the photos we received two days ago and made us so sad.
We were also informed that he is very old and and it difficult to claim his food…
The authority, responsible for the well-being of these animals, is the Directorate of Forests of Chania and as far as we know the animals are transferred to a special area in Chania every winter, when the National park is closed.
What is the reason the animals remained trapped in the closed gorge, near its exit, in a very narrow place called “Doors”?
For so many years, they have been o(ering their services to thousands of tourists ungrudgingly and this year they have been forgotten at the mercy of the weather.
Our association sent a letter to the General Police Director of Crete, General Mr. Routzakis, in order to investigate the cage.
Because the gorge will remain closed and the lives of the animals are seriously
endangered, we requested the legal actions for their IMMEDIATE removal and transfer to a safe place, their
examination by a veterinarian and the implementation of the legislation since their abandonment and exposure at risk
is a passive abuse, especially when their lives are threatened.
Animal Welfare Association of Chania “The Protection of Animals”