The animal welfare association in Chania “Animal Protection” was established in 2007 by volunteers, in order to highlight the fact that animals are living and sentient beings and as such, they have rights.

We started by fighting for pets’ well being and wild animals’ protection, but soon we realized that other animals were also in need of protection: “productive” animals are being treated as objects, they live in captivity all their lives, condemned to a short life in terrible conditions and a violent death.

Nowadays, actions are taken against the abuse of “productive” animals, equines, “ornamental” birds, cetaceans, since they all experience a violent separation from their families and their natural environment, captivity and a painful death, like other non – human or human beings experience them.

Is it possible after all to coexist in harmony in this planet? Could we survive without exploiting, consuming and hurting other living beings? Not only this is possible, but it is the only way to keep our planet alive.

Animal Welfare Association in Chania “Animal Protection”.




Telephone number: 6986522569 Monday – Friday 11:00 – 17:00

If you wish to support our action :

The National Bank of Greece

IBAN: GR80 0110 4950 0000 4952 9605 328


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