Since 2007, when our association “animal protection” was established, we have managed to change the aspect of animal welfare in Chania and in Greece, with the creation of the Panhellenic Committee and the Panhellenic Animal and Environmental Federation, that were inspired by Mrs Bobolaki, ex – President of our Association, current President of the Federation.

The difference of our association to the other associations has been that we have not limited our action to handling the current situation with the stray animals, by collecting, treating and adopting them, but we have expanded our action to creating the circumstances – with neutering programs and domestic pets’ control – to not to have any stray animals. At the same time, we have managed to bring to the surface the major issue of animal abuse, by activating all Officials and the Media, as well as the society itself, and to fight this phenomena.

What most people do not know is that our action is realized by a few active volunteers, who at the same time struggle to respond to other roles in our lives, as we are working people, parents, humans.

Our action is our passion, not our job.

The time has come that…

  • we no longer have the possibility to foster any more animals, as our homes are more than full with rescued animals, for which no family has been found and there is no possibility to let them out at the street
  • we no longer have the money to cover vet bills and medicine costs, as so far, we have paid everything ourselves, apart from certain contributions.
  • We no longer have the possibility to report animal abuse cases at the police, as we are already witnesses in too many cases and we are summoned to attend several court cases many days a year, which is a huge problem for our work and our personal life.

We do not abandon our cause. We evolve our action. We are present to inform, direct, train people & officials, but we are no longer available to take any more strays in.

Our goal is a city with no strays and no abuse.

Animal welfare association “animal protection”




Telephone number: 6986522569 Monday – Friday 11:00 – 17:00

If you wish to support our action :

The National Bank of Greece

IBAN: GR80 0110 4950 0000 4952 9605 328


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