leyko_iriasMrs Trahili,

In answer to the intervew you gave to Mss Evi Saltou from “TA NEA”, the Panhellenic Animal Welfare Steering Commity would wish to point out:

The draft of the law for the pet animals, which we all know read and discussed in many ways makes clear that from now on the participation of animals in circusses and other shows is forbiden as well as generally using them for monetary gain. This is clearly defined in the Article 12 of the draft and, if we agree with the ban that means we do no need to go back to this issue .

The Article 18 gives an extensive report on ways to promote the loving of animals. All animal welfare assosiations , every citizen of our country, can not be but satisfied with all that is said in this article

For a long time now, various animal welfare assosiations have prepared extensive material for this purpose, material that has been submitted to the Ministry of Rural Development and Food as well as the Ministry of Education and Lifelong Learning and Religion. So our mutual goal is the promotion of the animal welfare and the change of the attitudes of the Greek citizens regarding the issues of the animals But this, Mrs Trahili, will take time to give meaningful results. The tightening of the penalties though, will work immediatelly and will, as we believe, prevent a huge degree of violence of any kind. It will also work educationally, since we learn trhough punisment .

The cases of animal abuse in our country are too many and are real and true, same as it was in the past, but the difference today is made because of the easy communication through the internet and the direct feedback from the media

Greek vets know very well all about the great extent of abuse, since caring people and animal welfare societies of this country turn to them for help when faced with such insidents and no one can dispute the fact that these people are the main customers of the private vets nationwide.

The projection of cases of abuse, certainly does not have as its aim the promotion of stray adoptions abroad as you claim in your intervew. It is a reality that if we pretent not to see it, we become accomplices to the crime.

Adoptions abroad are a necessity today. This will only stop if we all collaborate towards the illimination of strays. Greek vets can play an important role in this by reducing their prices for neutering owned animals so as to be affordable by the owner. They could also spay for free or minimal charge the strays of their areas just as their colleagues do in other European countries travelling miles to sterilize strays in countries where their number is big

The necessary adoptions of stray animals abroad according to our vews or the illegal massive exportations as you characterise this adoptions, would end if the greek vets would collaborate and accept our plans as proposed here above.

The state requests the assistance of all of us so as to solve the huge problem of strays, a problem plaguing our country and humilliating its citizens.

Greek vets known for their distinguised sensitivity can and should offer substancial help to this end We are confident that in order to irradicate this big problem from our country they will put aside their economic interests and will cooperate with the animal welfare associations and municipalities offering their services for free or low cost, neutering srays. The least we can say, it is unacceptable for greek vets to stay on the outside, especially when a great number of EU vets offer their services volunterilly.

Even if the need arises for our country to accept the help of the European volunteers, greek vets could offer their clinics and cooperate with them, so that the animals to be spayed would have the best clinical environment.

The marking and the registration of all pets held by the Ministry of Rural Development and Food ensuring the proper keeping of the records, the mass sterilisation of the strays by volunteers greek and european vets and the strict

regulations of keeping a pet will for sure reduce abandonment and will decrease the number of strays.

The new bill has many good points and it is clear that when it is passed in parliament a new chapter will open for the protection of the animals, for responsible ownership and a reduction of strays

We are confident that we have the greek vets ally to our effords towards the solving of the stray animal problem and furthermore to our effords to have the bill for the protection of the animals completed and passed the quickest.

Stating our desire for a good and constructive cooperation between the animal welfare groups and the Panhellenic Veterinary Association, waiting for your reply,