kaina1“Humans” poisoned defenseless animals that were sheltered in Chania, Crete, Greece.

This horrible action of unknown persons, to cast “fola” and murder in the most agonizing and harrowing way at least 30 stray animals, hosted in a shelter in Kaina(near Vamos), caused the rage of the animal lovers. Mrs Lukas, the owner of the shelter as well as other volunteers, who offer their selflessness services for the protection of animals in Chania could not stop their tears, while collecting the dead bodies of the murdered dogs.


In 2008, British Linda Lukas created a shelter for stray animals in a proprietary area in Kaina. This shelter, which is located at a big distance from the village settlement, accommodates more than 100 dogs, which are supported by Mrs. Lukas through donations and sponsorships. In this hedged area the animals’ welfare conditions are secured (food, water, kennels, medical care, sterilizations). The number of the sheltered dogs is continuously increasing, because, even though a lot of them are adopted, still boxes full of puppies, together with abandoned and maltreated dogs are left there.

All these years Mrs Lukas is the recipient of the natives’ opposition, who are bothered by the dogs. A lot of local residents were from the beginning against the existence of the shelter and there were quite a lot of arguments on this subject all these years. And while the problem of the stray animals seems unsolved and everyday animals are being poisoned in Crete, Mrs. Lukas went in the morning to feed the animals and faced the most atrocious pictures…. The animals she was taking care of for so many years were dead in front of her…..

In Crete and especially in Chania County the number of numerous hideously mistreated animals is shocking.

From statistics it seems that more than 1000 stray animals per year in Chania County are horrendously maltreated, poisoned and murdered. This number is calculated approximately to be 4000, due to continuous abandonment and uncontrolled reproduction, the key point for the limitation of the stray animals problem, together of course with the necessary education and information of citizens.

The ferocity of the maltreatment of animals in Chania county has ended up in continuously unfavorable comments in Greece and abroad, with negative results as concerns the country ‘s image as a civilized place and tourism.

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