logopfpo_The following text, which shoots down the disgraceful and untrue accusations concerning animals trade by the President of our Federation, Anastasia Bobolaki and under her name tens of animal welfare associations and hundreds of volunteers is signed by:

1. The Deputy Mayor of Chania, Mr. Dimitris Lipsakis (The municipality was elected under PASOK with Mr Skoulakis as Mayor of Chania, a historic member of PASOK)

2. The branch of the Veterinary Association of Chania

3. The registrar of SIRIZA of Chania

4. The Green Ecologists of Chania

“Considering the discussion of the proposed legislation as concerns the animals within the Parliament and out of it, we have been informed that accusations have been expressed against the animal welfare associations for animals smuggling.

We have also been informed that similar accusations have been expressed specifically against Mrs. Anastasia Bobolaki and other animal’s welfare associations in Chania. Knowing the action, the struggle and the history of Mrs. Anastasia Bobolaki, since we are living in a small city, we declare clearly and emphatically, that we consider the accusations against her and against the other animal welfare associations of our county completely untrue, unethical and malicious.

It is shameful and unacceptable people, that for years are fighting and stand up for the rights of the society for a better future, to be blemished in this way.”

For the Panhellenic Animal Welfare and Environmental Federation

Mariza Christodoulou /Vice President