The Animals Welfare Association of Chania “The protection of Animals” was founded in March, 2007.
From the beginning our basic goal was the promotion of love for animals and their protection through continuous information and updating by lectures, seminars, printings and articles as well as informative campaigns in schools through our County with the contribution of specialists.
Our Association is involved with all animals’ welfare and that is why it organizes and presents activities as concerns the laboratory experiments on animals, circus animals, fur animals and generally every species of animals, which is tortured by human actions.
Our Association conceived and materialized the idea for the creation of the Panhellenic Coordination Committee of Animals Welfare Societies and succeeded to unite 108 Animals Welfare Associations in Greece, who’s main goal is the systematic pressure on the state and the authorities to apply and improve the relatives laws and so to change the tragic situation that the animals in our country are in.
At the same time on a local level, it cooperates with and presses the municipalities of our County to accept their responsibilities, as concerns their duties in accordance with the standing laws.
It has materialized neutering programs of stray animals, while on a daily basis it deals with complaints and accusations as concerns animal’s maltreatments and has pressed a lot of charges to succeed the paradigmatic punishment of the responsible persons.
Wittingly the Association does not maintain shelter for stray animals but it feeds a lot of stray animals and supports their medical care when injured, while at the same time it proceeds with controlled adoptions.
We clear the way to a dynamic animal’s care and to a perspective of the solution of the problem and not to a plain static care, as it used to be until recently.
The animal’s care creates standards of living, capable to fight off the “culture” of violence, which plagues the modern era.
That is why, be a volunteer yourself and help us in any way you can ….

23 01, 2013


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SHOCKING SCENES IN AGIOI APOSTOLOI AREA CHANIA NEW VULGAR ANIMAL MALTREATMENT The children of the elementary school in Chania were shocked, when during an excursion in Agioi Apostoloi, they saw a dog covered in blood ,cruelly abused by sickly minded people, who tied with chain its genetic organs. The teachers notified the president of  Animals [...]

8 08, 2012

Welfare protocol

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              According to the Law 4039/2012 the following actions are offences. We are listing these actions as a WELFARE PROTOCOL, which consists of all the rules humans have to follow regarding the treatment and protection of animals, so that animals do not suffer and feel pain. In general, the [...]

1 08, 2012

Doomed from the moment they were born

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31 July 2012 To whom it may concern: Anybody who visits Greece, whether an animal lover or not, cannot help but notice there are large numbers of stray dogs and cats everywhere.... in towns, villages and on the islands. I will address mainly the problem of stray dogs but cats are also a huge problem. [...]

16 02, 2012


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The variform activity of the Animals Welfare Association of Chania “The Protection of Animals” continued tireless last year. The importance of our Association’s work is that we opened perspectives for the solution of the animals’ issue in our city and we did not restrict our actions only to the nestling, neutering, care and adoption of stray animals. We have achieved to sensitize and inform the public opinion, which to a great extent and mainly in the city, is wondering and thinking about the relation of man-animals. We have also achieved to contribute to the change of the public opinion for the citizens that are involved and take care of the animals and to the change of behavior of the police, judicial and municipal authorities. In summary, in the county of Chania, which is smaller than the other counties within Crete, we have to report the following: […]

21 01, 2012

Letter supporting the President of the Animal Welfare and Environmental Federation

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The following text, which shoots down the disgraceful and untrue accusations concerning animals trade by the President of our Federation, Anastasia Bobolaki and under her name tens of animal welfare associations and hundreds of volunteers is signed by: 1. The Deputy Mayor of Chania, Mr. Dimitris Lipsakis (The municipality was elected under PASOK with Mr Skoulakis as Mayor of Chania, a historic member of PASOK) […]

6 01, 2012

Animal Welfare Education and Awareness Program “Living with the animals” in Crete and the islands of the Aegean

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2011 report  Animal Welfare Association of Chania “Animal Protection” NGO Zophoros Heraklion Panhellenic Federation of Animal Welfare and Environmental Organisations Panhellenic Coordination Committee of Animal Welfare Unions Necessity of education and awareness in schools Companion animal welfare is a growing issue in Greece with serious implications in many aspects of cultural, social and economic life. Through our daily volunteer work, we witness countless acts of cruelty, poison and murder especially of stray animals. In villages, towns, cities and even inside schools we come across incidents of extreme abuse which are unfortunately met by many as an unavoidable reality about which nothing can be done. Simultaneously, many animals are considered as tools which have no value as soon as they stop being useful to man, while a number of myths concerning their intelligence, sentiments, feelings or even needs determine the way we live with them. […]