13To the District Atorney of Chania 23.11.2011

copy to Procecutor Appeals of East Crete-Vice Atorney mrs Erene Chrisogianni

Police Headquarters of Crete-General Paravolidakis

Chania Police Commander mr Vlachakis

Souda Police Commander mr Spanoudakis-Vice Mayor mr D.Lipsakis

Recently, members of our animal welfare club, went on a tour from Malaxa to Psichro Pigadi, and from Therissos to Drakona. During this tour they came across 13 dogs that could be seen because they were in the road and next to gorges. Other dogs near by could be heard but not seen so therefore we could not get to them.

The dogs were skin and bone, chained up, next to them dead animals for food,some for a house had barels full of holes, others without any shelter.

The picture we were left with was shameful, up in the montain the cold was icy, where the days before the northen winds reached 8-9 Bf and the dogs were left with the contineous storms without any protection.

The aerea around these dogs was deserted.

The dogs were not chipped, and although we asked the very few people we came across to whom these dogs belong we did not have any answer.

These dogs will not survive the coming winter, they die sick and suffering. Unfortunately other young dogs will take they place untill they also die.

For these reasons we are asking your help to take these dogs, that anyway can not be claimed by anybody as onwed.

We beg you to ask the Police of Chania and Souda, to inform somehow the shepperds of this area not to deposit dogs there, as they will also be collected, because we know that they would put other dogs.

We are asking your help not only for these particular dogs but for all dogs maltreated by shepperds everywhere in this district and all Crete. By this way we will be able to solve the problem of the bareldogs and their misery.

Please find a legal or a domestic form to let all breaders for their resposabilities

the penal results of their actions and to ban the medieval use of these dogs that gives this country a bad image

We are expecting your order to take these 13 dogs, that legaly appear not to have onwners.

Finally, just because a case like this is one of hundreds, we would wish to have from you a standing order to be able to take such dogs away and be taken to private volunterely run shelters in this diestict. Our club has a scanner that can detect and read the ship. The absence of such a chip in remote areas make these dogs strays.

We are expecting your order to take these dogs,

Thanking you in advance,

For the Animal Welfare Sociaty of Chania, and the

Panhellenic Animal Welfare and Environtmental Federation

The President