images-stories-photos-sfragida-170x191Xάθηκε πριν ένα μήνα από το Γεράνι μπόξερ,αγοράκι, καφέ, με κομμένα αυτιά και ουρά, με πορτοκαλί λουράκι. Λέγεται Μπρούνο.
τηλ 6976-62.21.58.

Mrs. Mastorakaki from Gerani lost her dog (Boxer, boy, brown, cut ears and tail, orange collar) about one month ago . She advertized in Chaniotika Nea, but no results. She applied today to the Animal Welfare Association of Chania. Did you hear or hear anything? Her tel. no. is 6976-62.21.58