sfragidaIs your beloved dog a bit lazy?

Does it steal food from anywhere, thus it puts on weight?

Does it wake up and sleep and the only thing it thinks of is mischief?

Does its hair look like brush for the ceiling despite your efforts?

Then it sure is a candidate!!!

But, despite that, you don ‘t change it for nothing? Then, you sure belong to our company.

This summer was very difficult for our club. We dealt with a lot of bad incidents. Because we were for long time discussing about the organisation of a show, we decided to

present something cheerful and enjoying with our four-legged friends as protagonists. Our main goal is to provide you with information through a music party.

Our goal is to attract animal lovers and non animal lovers as well as parents with their children who will get informed on animal loving issues through this interactive happening.

Animals are not soulless objects. Animals are not toys. But they can be our companions in game and give us moments of joy and relaxation.

On Sunday 16 September at 10 a.m. we will present at the Eirinis kai Filias Park – which was granted by the KEEPEDIX-KAM – the first “anti-beauty” pageant for dogs in Chania.


It will comprise a funny competition, a lot of music and many funny happenings.

All the participant animals will get a prize. The first prize will be food -sponsored by Pedigree- and the rest tasty snacks, leashes and other accessories, so that not a single

animal will leave unsatisfied.

Informative material will be delivered, whereas members of our club will be talking and sharing views with the visitors.

Our presenters and the jury will be on stage and will give awards to the animals with a lot of humor and under the music of well-known dj’s as well as live music.

All the animals will be wearing a leash and their bosses will be exclusively responsible to collect their feces (it will be a condition on which they will be allowed the entry).

We will be waiting for you to celebrate all together!!!!!!